Important Update Impacting TLS Certificates - Effective on 8/25

To increase security, we’re making important updates to our infrastructure that might impact existing integrations with Yext. If you are pinning certificates, you may be affected. To ensure continuity of use, please read the guide below which explains what’s new and what steps you’ll need to take before 8/25.

What’s Changing

We will now be serving the Knowledge and Admin APIs through our CDN providers. As a result, the TLS certificate used will change for any requests sent to This change will increase security, benefiting all Yext users.


Every integration is different. If you are not the owner of your Yext integration, we recommend you work with the technical owners of your integration to figure out how this affects your integration. An admin can check for Yext integrations in their account by navigation to the developer console. We recommend notifying your technical resource as soon as possible, to allow them enough time to make appropriate changes before the update goes live.

For technical integration owners: If certificates are pinned client side, we recommend they be pinned to a root authority certificate, rather than the specific certificate for a domain. This will allow for both certificate expiration and revocation, the latter of which may happen with minimal notice.

Our sandbox environment is currently running behind our primary CDN, and may be used to test integrations to identify any other potential issues prior to it going live for 8/25. Additionally, the certificate used by our alternate CDN is currently available at

You can also use the following endpoints to verify your integrations with the new certificates against a production environment: for our primary CDN,, and for our alternate CDN, Please note, these subdomains are temporary and should not be used aside from verification. After 8/25 all integrations should handle both certificates, as we may switch CDNs without notice.

If your integration is handled by Yext Managed Services, it will not be affected.

Get Help

It’s important to update your Yext Integration by 8/25 so it doesn’t break. For additional support: