Google Looker Studio Troubleshooting Tips

If you receive errors when trying to connect to Google Looker Studio we recommend doing these steps:

  1. Go to Looker Studio Overview and find the Yext Analytics Connector using the Google account that you used previously to auth with GDS. (If Partner Connectors section doesn’t load, you can search for Yext Analytics Connector). Click “Remove Anyway” if prompted.

2. Click Revoke Access here. There will then follow two successive pop-ups. Click Remove on the first pop up. And then Remove Anyway on the second Pop Up. This now should finally revoke the access from your account to the Yext Analytics Connectors so we can reset your access token.

  1. Revoke Access for Yext Analytics Connector here:

4. Go back to the app installation page and click install.

  1. You should now see two authorization sections. Please click Authorize on both and follow the instructions in the pop up windows.

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Thank you!