Help Site Search Solution Template

We’ve added a new Solution Template designed to improve your help site search experience for users and support agents by allowing them to get answers directly from your help articles! The Help Site Search solution template gives you the foundation to build a search experience seamlessly.

The Help Site Search solution template ties together several new features from Spring '21 Release:

  • The solution uses the new Help Article entity type to store Help Articles in the Knowledge Graph and surface them results in Answers and Pages experiences.

  • We recommend using a Data Connector (like Zendesk or ServiceNow) to pull in articles from a data source. To learn more, visit the Data Connectors training module.

  • Use Document Search to search unstructured text in help articles and return direct answers to user questions. This new Answers algorithm extracts featured snippets to answer questions. To learn more, visit the Document Search training unit.

  • Visit our new guides for Adding Answers to your Zendesk Help Site or Adding Answers to your ServiceNow Help Site to see the Help Site Search solution template in action!

Looking to build with this new solution? You can create a playground account (in your Control Center), apply the template, and play around! Review the Solution Template training here for more guidance.

If you have any comments, feedback, or questions on this new template, leave a comment below!

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