Holiday Hours "Regular Hours" Flag

Hi Team,

When setting Operating Hours for holidays, is there any difference in the Publisher Network between setting the “Regular Hours” flag vs. setting the Operating Hours for that holiday to be the exact same as the Operating Hours for that day?

As an example, let’s say Monday, July 12th is a holiday. My Monday operating hours are 8 AM to 6:30 PM. Could I set either or of the two options below and accomplish the same goal of making sure my hours are correctly reflected on my Listings and that Google does not show the “Hours may vary” warning?


Thanks in advance!


Hi Juan,

You can use either method of setting holiday hours - either setting is as regular hours or inputting the hours directly.

Google provides a warning to users that hours may differ on holidays (listed here) as long as holiday hours are not explicitly set. Once a business provides holiday hours (so as long as the holiday hours field in the Knowledge Graph is filled in), Google should not show that warning.