Improved Search Debugging (Winter '21 Release)

We have revamped our tools for debugging searches. Within the Yext platform, we have now exposed more data within the Search Logs, including:

  • Query rules - query rules that were applied to the search, as well as entities or verticals that were boosted and buried
  • Semantic similarities - semantic similarity to the search for specific entities and verticals
  • Dynamic reranking - whether the search was influenced by dynamic reranking, the difference in ranking for specific entities, and whether the rerank was part of an “experiment”
  • Vertical ranking factors - how verticals rank in the search relative to each other, including semantic matches, entity type and location filters applied, and exact name matches
  • Sorting applied to the vertical
  • Query parameters passed to the API, including staticFilter, context, feat_on/off, facetFilter, and referrerPageUrl

This additional information makes it clearer why results were shown in a particular order in response to queries so you can more efficiently improve your Answers experience.

Improved search debugging will automatically be turned on for all accounts at Early Access.

To learn more about search debugging, including how to use these updated search logs, check out the Debugging the Backend unit.