Improved Query Rules UX (Winter '21 Release)

We’ve updated the UI for writing query rules to make it even easier to encode business logic into your Answers search results. Now you can define the criteria that triggers a rule as well as the action taken via a convenient point-and-click interface instead of having to write out the logic in JSON.

For example, when creating a rule to boost entities under specific conditions, you can now select the entities from a helpful drop-down widget instead of coding in the entity IDs.

For those preferring to write out the code for Query Rules, you will still have the option of editing in JSON.

Note: The UI for the Add Filter and Return Pinned Results actions still require a bit of JSON code. We are continuing to build a point-and-click UI for these actions for a future release!

Turn on the Winter ‘21: Improved Query Rules UX (early access) account feature to use this feature during the Early Access period.

To learn more about Query Rules, including details on each criteria and action option, visit the Query Rules module.