Is there a way to recover deleted data?

Hey Team,

We deleted some data in the knowledge graph that we would like to get back, however we have also done a lot of work (adding new data, setting up filters etc.) since the deletion and we don’t want to lose progress there. Is there a way to recover deleted data without reverting to an older version of our knowledge graph? The data was uploaded via ETL.


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Hi Daniel,

You can export the data that you’re looking for using the “Export Data as of” field to select a date in the past (within the past 30 days). If you know the date the data was deleted, you can pick a date before then. See more in the How to Export Your Data unit. This will not revert your Knowledge Graph to an older version and will maintain all the changes you have made since then.

You could also export the same data as of today if you need to do a comparison to decide what data to keep or revert.

Hope this helps!