Search UI Module 1, data not copied, Experience not created


While doing the module 1 for search UI React, the data doesn’t seems to be copied over to Knowledge Graph, and no Search experience is created either.

I’m also getting a warning on the index of the project that reads

“On server start-up, the call to regenerate test data failed. Check your network connection and that the CLI is authorized to the correct account. Functionality may be limited.”

(I’ve got the same issue while doing the pages module btw.)

I’m logged in into my account, and via yext -u sandbox
yesterday I re-installed yext/tap/yext but issue persists.

let me know if I missing something.

thanks for the help =)

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Hi Carlos,

Sorry to hear that you have been having issues with the Search UI React track.

Regarding module 1, we were able to reproduce the issue we were seeing and we pushed a fix. Could you please attempt to go through module 1 again and see if the data is copied over to your Knowledge Graph and if the Search experience was generated?

The warning banner that you shared is actually going to be removed from Pages. It is not actually providing any useful information and is a relic from an older version of Pages that needs to be removed.

Thank you for your patience and let me know if you are still having issues,


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I am having the same issue as pictured above. What was the fix for this? I can click on the Search page link and the Search bar comes up, but nothing is returned by search. Seems like data is not populated. @Aaron_Pavlick

Hi Otto,

If the search bar comes up, it may not be an issue with the site or the data in the Yext account. In Module 1, Unit 3, did you try and use the API key that is in the screenshot there? It is a little confusing, but you are intended to go into the Yext account that you just populated with data and copy the API Key and add it to your project.

If it is an issue with the API Key, you will see errors when you inspect the page and look at the network tab.

Let me know if any of this helps,