Issues With iFrame URL encoding after theme upgrade 1.14


A client recently updated their search experience from 1.10 to 1.14. The experience on the Yext domain seems to work correctly, but when iFramed onto the client’s site, some of the verticals do not work. After some investigation, it seems like this is because the URLs are being encoded multiple times and it is causing them to 404. As nothing else has changed but the theme upgrade, I was wondering if this has been a recorded problem with 1.14 before. If it is, I figure continuing to theme upgrade might offer a solution - I was wondering if there was a particular theme number we should target to upgrade to that might fix this problem. Thank you!

Hi Cory,

Is there a reason you picked 1.14 instead of the most recent theme?

cc: @Daniel_Baigel


Hi Alyssa,

We’re unclear on the exact reason why an older theme was chosen since we’re both newer to the account. Based on the history, we can see that one experience is on 1.14 and another one was built on 1.10, but is not experiencing the issue.

Could the theme be the cause of the encoding issue? And would we need to upgrade to the current theme to solve this issue? Thank you!

cc: @Cory_Blair

It’s hard to say precisely - it’s not a bug fix documented in our theme notes (Answers Hitchhiker Theme - Changelog) but we would recommend upgrading the theme regardless as a best practice.

cc: @Daniel_Baigel in case you have additional thoughts.