Theme v1.27 (Winter '21 Release)

We are excited to announce our Answers Hitchhikers Theme 1.27!


:spiral_calendar: Unless otherwise indicated, these features are available in Early Access in English. Here’s how to use the Early Access branches of the Theme and SDK! For the Winter '21 release, the theme branch name is early-access-winter-21 .

With the new Answers Hitchhikers Theme 1.27, we’ve added support for consumer auth, UI updates, bug fixes, and more.

You can find the full list of features and bug fixes below, with additional details available in their linked Community posts.

  • Direct Answers on Vertical Search - Build In Support: You now have the ability to add Direct Answers on vertical search using the theme.
  • Additional Support for Consumer Auth:
    • Consumer Auth in Sandbox is now supported by setting the environment attribute in the global_config.json to “sandbox” and using a jwt.
    • Functionality to Call AnswersExperience.init(); in on-document-load partial
  • Photo Formatter Update: Our photo formatter now prefers the Dynamic URL over the standard thumbnails (see related Serving Photos Guide).

UI Updates:

Bug Fixes:

Looking to upgrade to this version? It is very important to read the following section for instructions and upgrade considerations.

To learn more about how to do a theme upgrade, check out the Upgrading Your Experience Theme and SDK module.

Upgrade Call Outs

We recommend reading the details within each update item post to understand this theme’s upgrade considerations. Implications—namely re-forking certain files or pages, as well as adding a new variable—will only apply for the following updates:

Direct Answers on Vertical Search

If you want to use this feature, add the DirectAnswer component in the config.json file and the three Direct Answers partials below to the page.html.hbs file for the vertical you want to use Direct Answers on. Check out this item’s individual Community post for more info.

  • Add the directanswerscards partial {{> directanswercards/all }} below the {{> cards/all }} partial.
  • Add the direct answer script {{> templates/vertical-standard/script/directanswer }} below the navigation script partial.
  • Add the direct answer markup {{> templates/vertical-standard/markup/directanswer }} before the spell check markup partial.

Alternatively, you can re-add the vertical you want Direct Answers on using the Jambo Command “Add Vertical.” Navigate to the page.json file and comment in the DirectAnswer component. Navigate to the page.html.hbs file and comment in the three Direct Answers partials above. vertical-standard will be filled in with the page template used for this vertical.

Photo Formatter Update

If you forked formatters-internal.js, and modified the image formatter, you should copy in the updated image formatter from the theme’s formatters-internal.js.

Spell Check Moved Above Result Count

If you want this update, you’ll need to re-add the vertical pages using the Jambo Command “Add Vertical” for each page you want this update for.

Alternatively, you can also move the spellcheck partial in the pages.html.hbs file to match the vertical template. Check out the page templates in the theme to see the updated order: navigate to the page templates (theme/answers-hitchhiker-theme/templates), find the template you want, and open the page.html.hbs file. Check out this item’s individual Community post for more info.

Update Default Universal Limit on Vertical Page Templates

The new default universal limit of four will only be applied to net-new pages you add after you upgrade your theme. Feel free to customize this default or change the universal limit to this suggested default on existing pages by updating the universalLimit property in the config.json file for each vertical you want to change.

Remove Scrollbar from Filters

If you are upgrading, you will not have the new variables by default. To remedy this, copy the --yxt-filter-options-option-label-line-height variable into your answers-variables.scss file, like below.

  // component specific variable overrides
  --yxt-filters-and-sorts-font-size: var(--yxt-font-size-md);
  --yxt-filter-options-option-label-line-height: 20px;

Fix Font Preloads on Multilang Sites

If you forked the layouts/preloads-fonts.hbs, or static/webpack-config.js, you should refresh those files to get this fix.

Escape Angle Brackets in highlightField Formatter

If you wrote a custom highlightField formatter, you’ll need to refresh it with the one in the theme (see themes/answers-hitchhiker-theme/static/js/formatters-internal.js) and carry over any custom changes.