Keywords in Knowledge Graph

Hey there!
I wanted to double-check on this, but are there any resources that explain the Keywords field in the Yext Knowledge Graph? If not, any insight that anyone can provide is helpful!

Is there an ideal number of keywords?
How are the keywords are utilized?
How do they help with SEO?

Thank you!

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Hi Chanel and welcome to the Community!

The keywords field is used for adding single words or complex phrases to your listings to increase relevant organic search traffic. When a user searches for a keyword you’ve added to your listing, it increases its relevancy in search results.

Certain publishers handle keywords differently: some might include them in listing metadata or publish them visibly on the listing itself.

The optimal number of keywords is dependent on your SEO strategy but Google recommends around 5 keywords per listing as providing too many irrelevant keywords is sometimes known as ‘keyword stuffing’ and can actually harm SEO in some cases.

Let us know if that helps or if you have any other questions!