“What3words Address” Field

what3words is an alternative to traditional latitude/longitude that is becoming used increasingly in Europe. Every 3x3 meter square is assigned a unique combination of 3 words.

We are adding a field to the Knowledge Graph to allow users to store this information and populate and use it on their pages. Users can add their what3words in the what3words Address field.

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How should we format what is added into this field? It isn’t obvious if this should be a full URL, part of a URL, the three words it gives you to copy. Could I please see an example of what should be added to the field?

Based on documentation here, it seems we can use what3words on Listings. Could someone please advise what the process to sync this with publishers is, as this field is currently not mentioned as supported for syncing with any publisher?

Correct, this field is not currently supported for syncing with any publishers.

Are you aware of any reason for this non-syncing? It would seem that without syncing then the field is of little value. Am I missing something?

Hi Merton,

This field is valuable so it can be used for our other Products other than Listings such as Yext Pages.

Let us know if you have any other questions.