Live Preview Trouble Shooting

Hi team,

I fixed my the common live preview error using this HH Community post and was able to have everything work as expected. However, now I am experiencing this error where I cannot even click into live preview.

This is what my console looks like for reference:

Has anyone been able to troubleshoot this particular error? Thank you!

Hi @Madeline_Whitney - looping in Tom and Oliver as they were helping folks who were seeing issues on the original thread! Theme Update - Bug Fix for Live Preview Issues - #3 by Thomas_Meyer cc @Alyssa_Hubbard

Hi @Madeline_Whitney -

Looking at your screenshots, you can see that the reason your live preview is failing is shown in this screenshot here:

You have a syntax error in the faqs.json file. Do you see what I am referring to in the console? Once you fix that, you should be good to go.