Unable to load Live Preview after updating theme

Some users are running into issues loading the Live Preview after updating to the latest theme.

In this specific instance, a user was previously on v.1.10.1. Today, they tried upgrading the theme following the steps listed here: https://hitchhikers.yext.com/community/t/code-editor-improvements-for-answers-updated-jambo-commands, using steps 7 and 8 and applied the fixes for Theme v.1.8 - v1.10.

This is the screen after trying to load the Live Preview:

From the console, it looks like something in the webpack task might be causing the issue:

Additionally, there are several desktop files that are uncommitted, and desktop/ is in .gitignore:

Could you please provide some guidance?


Debugging and learning publicly in the community–hoping this is helpful for everyone!

The reason for the Live Preview error was because this step was missed when updating the theme:

Hope this helps, @Max_Wolter! :smile: