Location Count Incorrect - Dashboard

Hello, I’m trying to put together some case studies and I’ve run into a problem. The “Location Count” insight on our dashboard is incorrect. It shows 1.82k listings, yet we have 1,900 total entities and only `1.5k entities with live subscriptions, and 1.37k entities attached to live GBP profiles. It also looks like it thinks we’ve never “closed” a location. This makes it impossible to calculate average engagement per Google location over time. Is there a way to clean up the data here to make this possible? If not, is it possible for us to build an API call that would pull the total number of entities with active services with live connections to GBP month to month over a set range?

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Hi Seania,

This is something that our platform team can help out with. I would recommend reaching out to your CSM so they connect you with the proper contact to look into this discrepancy.