Locations not showing up on Search

Hello HH community,

I set up the Searchable Fields on the location vertical as the following:

However when I search for “Stores in Cape Town” or “Cape Town” no results return, and it seems address.city is not being searched despite setting it so on the search config and an entity existing for Cape town.

Could someone help me figure out why this could be occurring?

Thank you in advance!

Hey Asaki,

Usually the NLP filter on builtin.location should be enough to make the correct locations show up.
But I noticed for Search experiences that include locations outside the US you have to add the country code to the countryRestrictions in your Search backend JSON config.

In your case it would be:

“countryRestrictions”: [

I guess it’s needed because locations always have country/region as a required info in the Knowledge Graph that’s related to the countries address structure and the Search config needs this info as well for some reason.

With this set up additional fields (region, city in your vertical config) aren’t needed anymore.

Hope this is helpful!