Module 21: Continuing to get the same error

I have restarted the Module 21 challenge no less than 10 times and each time I submit, I get the same two errors. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I have literally checked and double-checked my work over and over and over and over again and I can’t find what is going on. Am I missing something?

Hi Carrie,

You’re so close! See guidance below:

Issue #1 - Update the locale configuration
The problem here is that your Jobs frontend is mapped to your main experience’s search configuration. Instead of “answers” it should be “jobs-answers” (per step 13).

Issue #2 - Custom job card
You’ve updated the subtitle but you haven’t updated the CTA1 url (step 18). Instead, it looks like you updated the title url (when you click on the name of the entity in the card). This is what you want to update:

Hope this helps and I’m excited for you to get your Answers badge!

Thanks Liz!
I made the edits and I’m still coming up with the X next to Add custom job card to the Jobs experience. It’s the only red X I am getting. I fixed the URL issue.

When I try to commit, I get an error message that says “Cannot read data from repository. This may affect functionality.” (I actually get this a lot when I try to commit in these exercises overall and I don’t know what it means, and then I just have to restart the entire challenge. For long ones like this one, it’s very frustrating!)

What am I doing wrong or missing?

Hi Carrie,

First off, when you see an error like this you don’t need to “restart” the entire challenge to proceed! We’re looking into what is causing this specific issue but hopefully the worst that you’ll have to do is just redo the changes to the frontend (e.g., do a hard refresh of the page and just redo those steps, not the entire challenge). Hopefully that will save you some time and frustration!

It looks like your error is a very minor one! For the subtitle, you have profile.c_employmentType but the Employment Type field is a built-in field and the API Name is just “employment type” (the c_ namespace is for custom fields you add to your account). If you update it to profile.employmentType it should work!

(As a reminder, you can find the API Names for fields by navigating to Manage Entity Types and clicking into a type. You’ll see the full field schema with the API name nested under the display name)


having the same issue with the module assessment

Hey @Daniel_Blumberg - check out your other post for the solution here.

We did try it and still have one error on the assessment for Add custom job card to the Jobs experience.

@Daniel_Blumberg - I’m looking at this challenge account and it does not have the change applied on the Turtlehead Tacos Jobs Search experience.

Per the challenge instructions, you will also need single quotes around the vertical pipe ’ | ’

Hint: You can concatenate items together using +. Try field1 + ‘ | ’ + field2.

If you make these changes and commit, then resubmit the challenge, this should work! Or, if you are using a different challenge account than the one indicated here, please let me know.

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Much thanks for the look. I made so many changes but how do i apply the change applied on the Turtlehead Tacos Jobs Search experience?
I did try putting the line in quotes and that did not work.

Hi Daniel,

Once you make any changes, before resubmitting the challenge, you need to commit your changes (so that they are fully applied and can be evaluated against the challenge rules). You can see the Commit button in the first screenshot you sent, on the left side of the screen.

When you hit Commit, you will be prompted to add a commit message (a brief description of the changes made) and a tag (this is optional - but standard Git convention is to add the date in YYYY-MM-DD format).

Then you will want to go to Pages > Turtlehead Tacos Jobs > Deploys. Wait for the build to finish, and then when it is finished, make sure the Staging label appears on it in red. If it does not appear, you can click the dropdown arrow on the right side of the build and click Publish to Staging.

After all this, then you can go back into Hitchhikers and resubmit the challenge with your changes applied! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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that and a few commas did the trick.