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Hi there,

I am trying to complete the final answers assessment. I’m receiving a few errors but the main issue is that when I reach step 24 and select the staging URL I am receiving a 404 error so I am unable to run any searches to try to finalize the completion of the module. I’ve published all changes so I’m unsure what to do next. Is it necessary to run test searches to complete the step?

I’m also having trouble with Adding the Jobs Page to the Main Experience as well as the Adding the Custom Card to the Jobs Experience. Not sure if there are any ideas there.

Was actually able to fix the error regarding adding the Jobs page to the main experience!

I was also able to add 3 Universal Prompts despite the issues with the 404 error.

I’m not sure if the community is able to lend any insight to the custom Job Card and what I may have done wrong unfortunately.

Thought it might be helpful to show the code that I’ve published for the jobcard in case anyone can determine what might be the issue!