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Hi there,

I am trying to complete the final answers assessment. I’m receiving a few errors but the main issue is that when I reach step 24 and select the staging URL I am receiving a 404 error so I am unable to run any searches to try to finalize the completion of the module. I’ve published all changes so I’m unsure what to do next. Is it necessary to run test searches to complete the step?

I’m also having trouble with Adding the Jobs Page to the Main Experience as well as the Adding the Custom Card to the Jobs Experience. Not sure if there are any ideas there.

Was actually able to fix the error regarding adding the Jobs page to the main experience!

I was also able to add 3 Universal Prompts despite the issues with the 404 error.

I’m not sure if the community is able to lend any insight to the custom Job Card and what I may have done wrong unfortunately.

Thought it might be helpful to show the code that I’ve published for the jobcard in case anyone can determine what might be the issue!

Hi Hitchhikers! I am having a similar issue with getting a 404 error page when trying to view the staging URL. My code looks similar to Eleanora, and my account is:

If anyone has any suggestions on what we could try, that would be great!

Hello @Arisa_H ,

I took a quick look at your code for the Jobs/FAQs experience, and I think the problem may be missing quotations around the URL for the Job Card CTA. I did not commit the changes, but adding single or double quotes around that URL seems to fix the live preview issues, so it might also address the 404 error once you publish the change.


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That did the trick - thank you @DJ_Corbett !!

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Having the 404 error issue when I try and click staging link from Turtlehead Tacos Jobs Search

It does work from Turtlehead Tacos Search

I can access a live preview from code editor but i comes up blank search bar

Hi @Daniel_Blumberg - I’m also able to access your live preview from the code editor. Can you describe where you’re trying to access the live preview from that isn’t working for you? Any screenshots of the problem would also be helpful.


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did those come through ok?

Hey @Daniel_Blumberg - I see the screenshots but I’m not able to reproduce the issue you’re having. I am able to open the live preview for both the Turtlehead Tacos Search and Turtlehead Tacos Job Search sites without getting a 404.

Is this issue preventing you from submitting the challenge?

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yes I can open the preview now but there is nothing in the search bar (it is blank) and doesn’t produce any results so we can’t finish the challenge. We did add the cards and pages but it there must be a configuration problem to the front end because our test searches do work.

and we keep failing the challenge

Hi @Daniel_Blumberg - thanks for letting us know. We will look into the search bar problem, but in the meantime, you should be able to complete the challenge without checking the live preview or running test searches (these aren’t rules that are graded in the challenge, they’re just there to help you check your work as you go).

The solution to your issue with the challenge is in a reply on your other post!

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