Moving Answers Experience From Yext Hosted Page to Client Page


I have a question about moving Answers from a yext hosted page to a client hosted page. I will explain below using “exampleclient” in place of the clients name.

Currently we have set up as a JS Snippet with as the subdomain. This is all hosted and powered by Yext. The client is interested in taking over control of the search page. I have provided them with the answers experience information and integration instructions for since it is already set up as a js snippet. I am now wondering if there is anything we need to do on the Yext end such as unpublishing the search page or removing it from the sitemap? In the screenshot below you can see that the search page is CNAME to yext. Could they just CNAME away from us? Or are there other necessary steps for us to take after the client sets up the new search page?


Hi Tori,

Great question! To clarify, the subdomain is a Yext-hosted Page Builder Static Page - correct?


Hey Alyssa,

It is not a page builder page, but it is a Yext hosted consulting built page. Hope that helps!