Update to Domains UI: Domain Guidance as of July 23rd, 2020

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Update September 8th: The Admin-level “Support for Pagescdn” Feature is now settable through Account Settings, under “Fall ‘20 Release: Improvements to Domains (early access)”. Please make sure to turn this on before proceeding with the below steps.

As a follow up to our post on the new Domains UI (here), I wanted to provide some additional guidance regarding the domain. The guidance is broken into two common options in AFT, Client-Hosted JS Snippet vs. Yext-Hosted Subdomain.

Client-Hosted JS Snippet

Please use the following format for this integration option:

answers-embed.[brand].com, for example:


Important: Once you publish to production, you’ll just need to append .pagescdn.com to your production URL in order to generate the client-facing JS Snippet. An example production URL to send to the client would be:


:point_up: :point_up: :point_up:

Yext-Hosted Subdomain

If you are moving forward with this option, you will be re-creating a simple header and footer in Page Builder and then injecting Answers into the template with a JS Snippet. You will therefore still select the JS Snippet domain option and instructions above when setting up your Answers domain. Once you’ve generated the JS Snippet, you can place it into your Page Builder template. Concurrently, as with all Page Builder templates, the client will need to set up a bridge domain to answers.[brand].com. The full instructions there can be found in the Answers Technical Integration Instructions (see “Subdomain” section).

Please note that the Yext-Hosted Subdomain steps are soon-to-change, so be on the lookout for further updates on this topic.

Sandbox Domains
For Sandbox domains, please use the below format:



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