Multi language Stop Words with builtin.location NLP Filter

Implementing a multi-lang experience for a retail brand. In the French experience, certain conjunctions (i.e., “de”) are getting picked up by the builtin.location NLP filter and returning a location first instead of the FAQ that should be returned. I’ve tried implementing a stop word for “de” but this has not helped.

The search query is “Quel est le délai de livraison”

This problem persists among other queries that use this word. Any suggestions as to how I fix this?

Hi Curtis,

For searches like this that are incorrectly applying a location-based NLP filter, and therefore leading to unexpected results, I’d suggest utilizing Experience Training to reject the incorrect NLP filters.

Once you reject the NLP filter for “de” in this search, for example, the results returned should be more aligned with your expectations.

If you don’t think this is feasible due to there being a really large number of searches that will trigger similar behavior, an alternative approach could be a query rule that buries the location vertical for searches containing the word “de”, for example. This approach may have undesired side effects that you would not see with the first approach.