Page Builder: "Get Directions" CTA - URL field Support (October '21 Release)

With the October release, “Get Directions” call-to-action (CTA) clicks can now direct page visitors to custom URLs!

Previously, this CTA button could only be powered by geo-coordinates, meaning that CTA-clicks provided directions to an entity’s coordinates rather than to the entity itself. For example:,-74.00510592107196.

Now, users can power this CTA with URLs that optimize for conversions. One use case is to create a URL field based on Google Customer IDs, such as:[[Google CID]].

For example: Notice that this URL directs you to a specific Google Listing.

Pages technology is designed to capture traffic and drive your customers to take specific action. CTAs on your landing page are critical to getting customers to engage with your business. The updates to the “Get Directions” CTA can help increase foot traffic to your business.

This feature was automatically added to Production accounts, so can start using it today!