Photos syncing to GMB & FB

Hi team,

I was wondering if photos from the photo gallery field in Knowledge Graph sync to my Facebook and GMB listings? And/or if I should be using another photo field to help us upload images to our Google my Business & Facebook listings?

Thanks as always!

Hi Francisco,

Photos from Yext Photo Gallery field in KG can optionally sync to GMB and Facebook. Consider the following when doing so:

  • For GMB, each location can have a maximum of 100 photos on GMB. If syncing Yext’s photos will bring the total over 100 on GMB, the update will be blocked.
  • For FB, our default behavior is to create a Facebook posting with that photo. If you want to update that setting, you can do so at any time through “Sync Settings” in your account settings (see more information below on Sync Settings)
  • Additionally, please review the Photo requirements for Google and Facebook here. Google requires a minimum of 250px on the short edge with a file size of at least 10240 bytes.

As noted, this is optional. If you would like to unsync photos, data syncing for certain fields can be adjusted in the Yext platform. For more information on the Sync Settings, see the Which Data Sync to Listings module.

For more information on GMB, visit our Google My Business Listings module.
For more information on FB, visit our Facebook Listings module.

Reach out with any further questions!