Platform Basics - Module 2 - If Turtlehead Tacos wanted to send a notification that included information about reviews that contain a specific keyword, what would they have to do?

The answers to this question are confusing.

Hi Tanya,

This was intended to be a situational question, so the goal is to select which options are steps a user would take to create this notification in the platform.

So, the first thing a user would do is click on the bell icon on the Review Monitoring page to start the flow of creating a notification.

Then, they would need to add a filter to the notification for ‘Review Content’ so they can specify the specific keyword that they would like to receive review notifications for.

Let me know if that helps! I know in the module you are referring to (Understand and Set Up Notifications) we go through a slightly different example where the Review Notification criteria is for star Rating, so the example in the question may be too specific based on the content of the module.

But let me know if that clarifies, or if you have any other questions!

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