POST Request support in Pull from API (February '22 Release)

Today, users can configure “Pull from API” Connectors to make HTTP GET requests. While this covers most standard “Pull from API” cases, we have also seen a need to support POST requests with a request body.

Yext can now support POST requests such as: Support for GraphQL - if a user wants to fetch data from a GraphQL endpoint, they’d need to make a POST request and supply a body.

To do this, when you navigate to Connectors > Create New Connector and select Pull from API as your source. you can select POST from the Request Method field.

Then you will specify the API details, including Content Type, and Request Body.

To learn more about Connectors, visit our Data Connectors training module.

To turn it on in your Production account, you can fill out this form here and select “POST Requests in Connectors” from the list of features. During the Early Access period of the Spring ‘22 Release, you can turn on this feature yourself in Account Settings. It will automatically be turned on for all accounts at General Availability of the Spring ‘22 Release.