Modernized Posting UI (Spring ‘22 Release)

In the Spring ‘22 Release, we’re unveiling a modernized Posting UI in the Yext platform that will provide a more intuitive user experience. This enhanced interface offers seamless navigation between important posting actions, while maintaining modern design standards.

The new UI also presents some added functionality we could not previously support, including:

  • Embedded field support on 3rd party posts
  • Advanced Post filtering capabilities, including a filter for posts made by you in Yext, posts made by you on the publisher, and posts made by others on the publisher.
  • Creation of individual Post objects for each publisher where the same post is made. This allows for clear separation of comments and engagement metrics based on the Post’s location.

To navigate to the new posting UI:

  1. Click Listings in the navigation bar and click Post.

To learn more about Posting, visit the Posting training unit.

Turn on the Spring ‘22: Posting UI Updates (early access) account feature to use the updated version of this feature during the Early Access period.