Quick Find Usability Improvements

With the updates to the Yext platform UX, we’ve made some enhancements to the Quick Find feature to improve the experience:

  • There will now only be one highlighted Quick Find result at a time
  • Command+K (or Ctrl+K) will now close the Quick Find modal as well as open it
  • Command+click, Ctrl+Enter, or Command+Enter will open a Quick Find result in a new tab

Quick Find is now at the top of the left-hand navigation sidebar, or you can use Command+K on a Mac/Ctrl+K on a PC to open the Quick Find modal.

Turn on the Spring '22: New Platform Navigation account feature to use the updated Quick Find functionality during the Early Access period.

Updated Quick Find functionality will be available with the new platform navigation in all accounts at General Availability for the Spring ‘22 release.

To learn more about Quick Find, visit the How to Navigate the Platform training unit.