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With the updates to the Yext platform UX, we’re introducing the Favorites feature! Now, easily access your most-used pages in Yext by pinning them to the Favorites section of the sidebar.

Navigate to any page in Yext and hover over its name in the left sidebar. Click the star icon to add it as a favorite.

Next, enter a custom name to save it under (or keep it as-is).

Hit Save and you’ll now see that page pinned to the top of the left sidebar! Feel free to add multiple favorites to easily get to the features and tools you use most.

Turn on the Spring '22: New Platform Navigation account feature to use Favorites during the Early Access period.

Favorites will be available in all accounts at General Availability for the Spring ‘22 release.

To learn more about Favorites, visit the How to Navigate the Platform training unit.

Hi there, can you confirm are these favourites set at user or account level?

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Hi Laura! These are set at the user level.

Quick note to clarify: what we mean by “user level” here is a single set of user credentials. So for example, if you have an account where multiple people are logging into one Yext account under the same email address and password, they would all see the same set of favorites since they are sharing the same user credentials.

This is generally not the case, but does happen sometimes, so wanted to add that context!

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Thanks @Katja_Ritchie