New Platform Navigation

Yext has a new look with the Spring ‘22 release! We’re introducing a new navigation layout, switching from a top navigation bar to a left-side navigation bar.

The new navigation is designed to provide a smoother and more accessible UX, with easier access to all areas of the product, account settings, and user settings.

With the new navigation comes new and improved functionality. Learn more about these features in their linked Community posts:

Turn on the Spring '22: New Platform Navigation account feature to use the new navigation during the Early Access period.

The new navigation will be available in all accounts at General Availability for the Spring ‘22 release.

How can I turn on this on a trial/test account using hitchhikers?

In Hitchhikers, click on your name in the upper right, then click “New” next to where it says Playground Accounts. In your new playground account, click on your name in the upper right, and go to Account Settings. Click Account Features in the left sidebar, look for the Spring '22: New Platform Navigation option, and enable it!

Thank you so much @Katya_Ritchie

What is the file size required for the logo in the top left corner for white-labeled accounts ?

@Hannah_Ho can you help?

Hi Liz

Hannah has replied to provide the logo dimensions on an alternative thread so pasting the answer here too. The white box to contain the whitelabeled logo is 40x70px in the expanded nav and 32x32px in the collapsed nav. The logo/icon is resized to fit in the box

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