Recommendations after HH training?

Hello HH community,

I am not sure this is the right place to post this query, but if not, perhaps you can direct me?

I just completed 100% of the HH training am interested in doing contract (or possibly other) work with or related to Yext.

I have a long career with enterprise search, love to both code and configure, and have much experience with many search engines, including most recently Elasticsearch, Solr, and Sinequa. So I am very aware of and have first hand knowledge of the problems that the Yext platform is addressing, and know how difficult these problems are to solve (if not impossible) with modern day search engines alone, even using NLP extensions.

I was wondering how I might best introduce myself to your community, and possibly offer my services to help in any way.

I left Accenture recently, but have worked in enterprise search basically my entire career, and built, participated in, and/or architected enterprise solutions for many companies, large and small.

Perhaps my greatest take away, however simplistic, so far after your training, is that much of what you are doing seems primarily public outward facing (e.g. leveraging Listing and Reviews). But as I see it, the need is just as great internally alone, especially for any medium to large company, if not small.

There is not a single company I have consulted with or worked for that (IMO) has any decent clue of all their practical assets, and how to find them quickly, how to understand them, and reuse and reapply them, i.e. ask a question and get a decent answer or pointed to a solution already present within their ranks. Although documentation may abound, clear answers and pointers are still sorely missing or far too difficult to find.

It seems to me that Yext could help with that as well. I am sure this is probably obvious to you. I suspect the difficulty might be scale. It’s one thing to catalog restaurant menu items or professionals/services at an office, and another thing to harvest more of all the other internal assets within companies. Although I would like to try?

How can I best pursue these topics now, and inquire about the best avenues to pursue to connect more with your community or companies that might be seeking this kind of help and expertise?

Any thoughts, recommendations, or experiences would be much appreciated.

Thanks much,

Dave Neubert


Hi David,

First off, thrilled to have you in our community! We would love to work together – and we couldn’t agree more on internal search use cases :slight_smile:

I will reach out to you via email to for next steps.