SDK/Theme Update: Hours Formatter Supports Any Hours Field

We’ve added support to use any hours fields to the hours formatter! Before this, you could only use the built-in hours field. Now you can optionally specify a different field to use in the openStatus formatter!

The formatter full method signature now includes a key for the field:

openStatus(profile, key = 'hours', isTwentyFourHourClock = false, locale = 'en-US')

To map to a field other than hours, you’ll need to fork a card and update the formatter as follows

Formatter.openStatus(profile, 'c_deliveryHours')

Note: if you previously forked your card and added a locale or isTwentyFourHours param to your formatter, this will be a breaking change and you’ll need to update your formatter to specify the key, followed by isTwentyFourHours and the locale e.g., `Formatter.openStatus(profile, ‘hours’, false, ‘en-US’).