Secured API Calls

With this Release we are rolling out support for Secured API Calls, made possible by a new API endpoint that generates a JSON Web Token (JWT token).

This new functionality can be used in conjunction with any of Yext’s APIs but one valuable use case will be using the endpoint in Answers experiences behind a login, for which the searchable data is more sensitive.

In these custom Answers implementations the JWT token is generated and passed in as the API Key for Live API calls.

This update adds an alternative to the traditional API token, so developers can now use JSON web tokens instead of API keys to authorize Yext API calls including custom intranet Answers implementations.

This new endpoint also includes the ability to configure how long the token should last for (from one hour to 24 hours) using the expires_in field, as well as the ability to add Answers personalization through the fixed_query_parameter fields.

For more information, visit the Secure Token API Documentation.