Send New Attributes with Analytics Event on Thumbs Up/Down

When a user clicks on the new feedback buttons, analytics events will fire with eventType as THUMBS_UP or THUMBS_DOWN. The event will also pass attributes for searcher (universal or vertical search), verticalKey, and entityId.

As an example, on the click of the thumbs up/down on an entity card, the frontend will pass the following:

  directAnswer: false
  eventType: "THUMBS_UP",
  experienceKey: "yextanswersconfig",
  experienceVersion: "PRODUCTION",
  queryId: "99def4ff-5e90-4144-ae63-0236212753b0",
  searcher: "UNIVERSAL", //or "VERTICAL"
  verticalKey: "offices", //If this is on universal search, should be the vertical key for the section in the universal results
  entityId: "entity-1"

In Report Builder, you can now use the metrics Thumbs Up Events and Thumbs Down Events.

To learn more about analytics events, check out the Answers Analytics Event Types unit. To see examples of the new THUMBS_UP and THUMBS_DOWN event types used in Report Builder, check out the Answers Analytics in Report Builder unit.

Upgrade Implications: