Service Areas (without Address Line 1 Content) for the Answers Vertical Map

Hello Community!

I’m working on an AFT for a partner account, and they’re implementing Answers for one of their clients. The end-client doesn’t actually have physical locations, but they have service areas - in this case, they cover ~5-10 separate cities in the same state.

In order to show the vertical map with pins for their service areas, I put in dummy addresses closest to the center of each city. Is there a way to have service areas populate on a map using only city/zip code info and without the Address Line 1 content entered in the Knowledge Graph?

The partner team naturally has concerns as to how scalable this is because they have many end-clients that are also service-based, and they would not want to manually pick a random address for each service area.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Pat_Huang,

An address for a service area business is still a required field in Yext. It is also worth noting that many publishers do not accept listings without an address. Service area businesses can choose to not sync this field to customer-facing listings via the ‘Hide address in listing’ checkbox in the Knowledge Graph or by marking the ‘Address Hidden’ field as ‘True’ in a bulk upload.

That being said, you can use “filler” address data for the Knowledge Graph for service area businesses that do not have physical locations. You would just need to specify the name and type of service area for each business. You can find bulk upload instructions in this community post.

Let us know if you have any questions!