Change Address in Knowledge Graph

If your business has recently moved, it’s important that you change your address to let your customers know. Updating your address in the Knowledge Graph will push the changes to all relevant endpoints — Listings, Pages, and Answers experiences.

To change your address:

  1. Click Knowledge Graph in the navigation bar and click Entities.
  2. Click on the entity you would like to change the address for.
  3. Click on the Address field.
  4. Make your desired edits to the address.
  5. Once you’ve updated your address information, click Save. Your address will be updated on all of the relevant endpoints.

Potential Re-Verification for Google Business Profile
You should also note that changes to core information, such as your address, can trigger a re-verification for the Google Business Profile listing. When this happens, listings may no longer be synced and will need to be reverified before your data is synced with Google. For more information see, How to Verify your Google Business Profile Listing.

Service Area Business
If you are a service-area business or a business that does not have a brick-and-mortar location for customers to visit, you will want to add service areas to designate the specific areas you provide services to. To do this, when editing the Address field select the checkbox next to We deliver or provide service at customer locations and add the appropriate service area.

For additional details on adding service areas, visit the Add service areas Help article.

Additional Resources

For more information on updating fields in the Knowledge Graph, see Edit entity information. You can also learn more about updating data in Yext by going through Hitchhikers training. For more information see Ways to Update Data in Yext.

You can leave any additional questions on this post below!