Specific Entity at the Top of Every Search

Hi HH Team!

What’s the best way to set a query rule to return an entity at the top of every search made? We’re trying to return the same promo entity for all searches followed by whatever the algorithm would otherwise return on its own.


Hi Ryan,

Great question - to accomplish this you would want to use a Regex expression for the criteria like so:

"searchTermMatchesRegex": ".*"

@DJ_Corbett asked a similar question in this community post. To understand more about Regex, you can also visit the Query Rules module here: Criteria | Hitchhikers

After setting the criteria, you’ll want to pick the right action(s). If you would like to boost the promo entity vertical, you can use the Boost Vertical Intent for the action. Note that this will only surface the vertical should it be relevant to the search. If you want the promo entity to be added to all searches - I would recommend also adding an additional action to Boost Entity.

Be sure to QA your top queries when implementing this so that you’re confident it yields the desired results! Let us know how it goes.


That worked perfectly, thank you!