Split into Rows Transform (Winter '21 Release)

With this Release we have added a new transform in the Data Connectors framework.

Now, when creating a Connector you can apply the ‘Split Into Rows’ transform. This will allow you to split data from one cell to one or more rows on a specified delimiter when uploading data into the Knowledge Graph.

To do this:

  1. Click Add Transform in the sidebar of the Connector configuration screen
  2. Select Split to Row from the list of available Transforms.
  3. Select the column from your dataset that you would like to pull the data from.
  4. In the New Row field, enter the name of the new row you would like to create.
  5. Enter your Delimiter.
  6. Click Apply.

You can learn more about Transforms, and the other transforms that are available with Connectors in the Transforms training unit.