Theme Version 1.29.1

We’ve released a patch to the HH theme that fixes an issue where Live Preview would not start if you were on a certain node version.

This issue was due to incompatibility between the grunt-webpack and webpack v5. Previous versions of grunt-webpack had the following peer dependency: webpack: ^4.0.0 . This caused issues for certain Node versions because we use v5 of webpack . However, v4.0.3 of grunt-webpack has the peer dependency: webpack: ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 .

Ultimately, this resulted in an issue in live preview; previews would stop working and users would see errors in console such as “Conflicting peer dependency” and “Could not resolve dependency”.

This issue impacts anyone using Node 16 (primarily those using 1.29). Upgrade your theme to 1.29.1 avoid the aforementioned issue with live preview.

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