Unable to complete pages track because module assessments never finish

I’m trying to complete the Pages track, and the module assessments don’t have any content - which is OK, but when I click the “Finish” button, there’s no credit given for the module, so none of the modules in the Pages track can actually be completed.


Hi @William_Cotten - thank you for pointing this out, and apologies for the inconvenience! Stay tuned and we’ll update you here.

Edit to add an update: although the module isn’t showing up as checked off in the sidebar, you are still accruing points with each module completed, and you will still receive the Pages badge at the end of the track. So although the challenges are still under construction, rest assured your progress is being tracked! The Finish button can be ignored for now.

We plan to have the challenges completed soon — in the meantime, thanks for bearing with us.

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@Katja_Ritchie Thanks for the reply - Unless I’m missing something, I’ve completed all the pages modules (less the challenges, of course) and the track is still showing incomplete, and I haven’t received the pages badge.

Mine is not working either. is it down for all Hitchhiker training?

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Hi @Tara_Saarinen (and tagging @William_Cotten as well)

Since we are still working on completing the Pages challenges, the Finish button was just a placeholder for the moment. This is expected as we finish building the challenges.

To resolve this confusion in the meantime, and ensure that all users can mark modules as complete, we have removed the temporary assessment placeholders at the end of each module. You may need to refresh the page and/or clear your browser cache in order to see this change, as it’s just been updated.

With this change, you will skip straight from one module to the next without a challenge, and you will be able to see completed modules checked off. You will get a Pages badge for completing the track (@William_Cotten, since you have already finished the track, please let us know if you don’t get it automatically). You will also receive points for each unit completed.

Typically, users also receive points for completing challenges at the end of modules — for the moment, since there are no challenges in place, there will be no extra points for challenges. We do still plan to add challenges on this track in the future, at which point you’ll once again see a challenge at the end of each module. When the challenges are added, you’ll be able to go back, complete the challenges, and earn those extra points!

Please note that when the new challenges are added into the track, you will once again see that these modules are marked incomplete — however, the badge you earn now will not be revoked. (This is the normal behavior whenever we add new content to existing modules and tracks).

Thank you for bearing with us through these UI changes! Apologies for any confusion and let us know if you have any other questions on this.

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@Katja_Ritchie Thanks so much for looking into this - the Pages badge hasn’t shown up yet, but I am showing complete in the Pages track, which was my main concern.

I have a simillar issue with a Introduction to Hitchhikers- Module Assessment - the finih button is not active. A did everything, why i cant complete this?

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Hi @Svetlana_Tubala and @John_Fowler - thanks for reaching out! Our team is looking into this. Have you received your badge for completing the Intro to Hitchhikers track?

@William_Cotten It looks like the Pages badge was not retroactively assigned. However, we just released a new Pages module: Create a Locator. You should receive the Pages badge once you complete this new module. Note that we do have content updates planned for the Pages tracks in the coming weeks, so you may see your progress reset.

No, Still cant finish Hitchhikers track. The button is unavailible.

Hi @Svetlana_Tubala - We are trying to see whether users get the badge even without clicking the Finish button, or if the Finish button is interfering with badges.

If you click on your name in the upper right corner of your Hitchhikers account, it should display all the badges you have earned so far:

When you click your name in the upper right, do you see the badge for the Hitchhikers track?


Good morning Katja, I have not received the badge yet.

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Hi Katja,

No, i didnt receive a badge.

@Svetlana_Tubala Thank you for confirming! We will keep you posted here as to when this issue is resolved.

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Hi all - the issue regarding the Finish button on modules has been fixed. If you do not see this change right away, you may need to log out of and back into Hitchhikers and/or clear your browser cache.