Webhooks - Parameters in the endpoint URL


Currently we use a private app with Entites webhook to synchronize data for some of our customers.
Doing so allow us to pass parameters to identify the customer as our product uses API Key to identify them, so the webhook looks like this : webhook.com/?key=XXXXX.

We would like to be able to make this app available in the App Directory but I’m not sure we could do it as from what i gather in the documentation we can’t have “custom” webhooks when installing an app from app directory and we have to rely on oauth and then identify client with a field from the payload (Set Up your Webhook | Hitchhikers).

As we don’t support oauth in our product that means we can’t make a link between an account id and one of our api key.

Do you have an idea/workaround on this matter?


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Hi Maxence,

Hope you are doing well! Thank you for submitting this question. As of right now the only way to use webhooks in a public App is to set up OAuth on your side. We would love to see your app published, so I hope setting up OAuth is possible!

Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you!