Where is my Turtlehead?

I have poked around but can’t find Turtlehead Tacos. Should it have been created at the end of module 1? Module 1 would not finish, so maybe that’s the issue.

Hey Gary! I’m assuming you’re at the end of the Intro to Hitchhikers module?

We’ve heard from a couple other Hitchhikers that they’re also unable to hit “Finish” on this module. Our team is working on an issue with the Finish button so that it is responsive and the module shows as complete.

As far as Turtlehead Tacos goes, this isn’t a singular account that will follow you through your progress on Hitchhikers — each Hitchhikers challenge will create a brand new demo environment for you, that is pre-loaded with everything you’ll need in order to complete the challenge. This way, you don’t have to worry about maintaining a single demo account through all the challenges.

Challenge accounts are meant for single use (i.e., to complete just the one challenge) and will expire after 5 days. However, once you complete a challenge, your progress will be saved in Hitchhikers — no need to keep track of your challenge accounts.

Congrats on getting started on Hitchhikers, and let us know if you have any other questions!


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Okay, that’s great, I understand.

Thank you.