YEXT vs Thryve Confustion

Let me first disclose that I am not the most techno person in the world. I may even be a bottom feeder…not sure!! This marketing job is also a part time gig so I am hopeful I will find help here. We had a few of our listings that were not synced and I just could not understand why. Facebook, YELP, Google Business. So I sent a message with the YEXT contact and the response that was in my email is below. I don’t understand what Thryve has to do with YEXT. We canceled our Thryve account a couple of years ago. And as a result all of our listed were move to not synced. I am confused!
Copied from my email: This business “MJ Cares” has an active location through one of our partners - Thryv inc - therefore, these 2 entities are duplicates.