GMB listing suspended before I can sync to Yext (new location)

Hi Yext,

Listing was added via Yext with all info added. This listing is a new location.

Google listing was created and verified via post card. Before I was able to link and sync with all the information that was on Yext. I completed the Google listing after the postcard number was added without adding images and description assuming it would be synced via Yext and added, the listing was automatically marked suspended.

Do you have best plan of action of how to get out of the suspension, do I create a new listing via another google account, or any way to sync with Yext and it will help with the suspension? Or go via the Google steps filling forms for trying to get it un suspended?

Thank you for you help!

Hi @Vadim_Mialik,

Yes, going through Google’s steps to fix the suspended listing is the best course of action here - unfortunately Yext can’t take any direct action about listings that Google has decided to suspend.

Google’s resource on what to do when a listing is suspended can be found here: Fix suspended Business Profiles - Google Business Profile Help