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On the Reviews Source, each record is an individual review. This source is useful if you want to, for example, fetch reviews from Streams API to publish in a consumer-facing experience like a website or mobile app.


The only supported filter for Reviews is Publisher. There are 4 accepted values for the publisher filter:

  • googlemybusiness
  • facebook
  • firstparty
  • externalfirstparty

Streams includes any reviews which match the publisher criteria, and also the following criteria:

  • Review Status = LIVE (excluding QUARANTINED & REMOVED reviews)


The Review object has a predefined data model. The following fields are available from the Reviews source.

Field Type Description
reviewId integer The ID of the review. This ID is generated by Yext and is globally unique. It is not editable by users.

This ID is the primary key for the reviews source, meaning you can use this ID for a Get by ID API request on a Streams Endpoint with the Reviews Source.
entity Object (reference) This field is used to reference data from the entity which the review is for. Using dot notation, a user can specify fields from the entity to include on the review document, for example,
publisher string The publisher which the review is associated with.
authorName string The name of the person who wrote the review.
content string The content of the review.
reviewUrl string The public URL where the review can be found
rating number Normalized rating out of 5.
reviewDate date-time The date the review was posted, according to the publisher.

Note: certain publishers update the reviewDate when a review is updated by the reviewer.
lastYextUpdateDate date-time The most recent of the reviewDate and the date of the last response.
reviewLabels Array of reviewLabnels objects An object containing information about the labels on the review
comments Array of comments objects An object containing information about the responses for the review.
apiIdentifier string A unique identifier for this review. This value is determined in the following manner:
  • A UUID generated at the time the Review Creation request is accepted
  • The invitationUid, if the review is associated with an invitation.

reviewLabels object

Field Type Description
uid integer The UID of the specific reviewLabel object.
name string The name of the label.

comments object

Field Type Description
commentId integer The unique ID of the comment.
commentDate date-time The date the comment was posted.
authorName string The name of the author who wrote the comment.
content string The content of the comment.