ReviewsAgg Source Reference| Hitchhikers Platform

On the ReviewsAgg Source, there is a record for each Reviews Aggregate Data Object (average star rating and review count); this data exists at the level of the entity-publisher pair. This source is useful if you want to, for example, display average rating and/or review count in a consumer-facing experience like a website or mobile app.


The only supported filter for ReviewsAgg is Publisher. There are four accepted values for the publisher filter:

  • googlemybusiness
  • facebook
  • firstparty
  • externalfirstparty


The ReviewsAgg object has a predefined data model. The following fields are available from the ReviewsAgg source.

Field Type Description
reviewsAggUid string The UID of the specific reviewsAgg object. Constructed as a combination of the publisher-entityUid pair.
entity Object (reference) This field is used to reference data from the entity which the review is for. Using dot notation, a user can specify fields from the entity to include on the review document, for example,
publisher string The publisher which the review is associated with.
averageRating number The average rating of the entity on the publisher.
reviewCount number The number of reviews for the entity on the publisher.