Step 2: Making Requests to a Content Endpoint via the Content API

Creating an App

The first thing you’ll need to do to begin making requests to a Content Endpoint is to create an app in the Developer Console and grant access to the Content API permission group. This permission group will grant you access to fetch data from any Content Endpoint in the account.

Constructing Your API Request

The base URLs for Streams API in our various environments are:

Environment Base URL

As with most other Yext endpoints intended for reading data, there is a Get by ID and List version of requests to Content Endpoints.

Get By ID

Get by ID requests will require an ID of the primary key, which varies depending on the source.

Get by List

The more common request type is a List request, which allows the requester to pass query parameters which filter to filter the results using any of the fields included in the fieldIndexes property.

For additional information, visit our reference doc or API documentation .