Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

This guide will walk you through how to create an App in Yext.

Before you get started, we will take you through an overview of what you can do with apps.

A Yext app is an application built using the Yext app framework designed for Yext customers to find and install in the App Directory.

There are two different types that you will see referenced throughout our materials:

  • Private App: Private apps can only be installed by the accounts “owned” by the app developer. A private app could be a custom integration created by a customer for their own use. It could also be an app created by a Partner for their suba-ccounts.
  • Public App: An app that has been approved by Yext to be listed to all Yext customers in the App Directory. These apps have to undergo a review process before they can become public. Once an app is public, it can be discovered and installed by Yext customers in the App Directory.

In the App Directory we have two categories of apps:

  • API Connector Apps — these apps interact with account data using APIs. These are apps like the Zendesk Guide App that can be used to pull Help Articles into Yext Content, or the Tableau Connector app that allows you import entity data from Yext into Tableau.
  • Configuration Apps — these apps apply configurations to accounts using Configuration as Code resources.

Apps will also be apps that do both — apply configurations and interact with account data using API.

This guide will walk you through the steps to create an app.