Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

Yext’s Google Business Profile Native source allows you to visualize, transform, and ingest data all within Yext’s Connectors framework for a first-class experience. You can directly authenticate with the API and link their Google Business Profile account to Yext via OAuth. With the source, you are able to pull in all relevant business details in addition to baseline information.

Once the data is pulled into the platform, you can leverage the advanced transform library to easily clean, format, and upload their data. If desired, you are able to set a regular cadence for an automatic data sync between Google Business Profile and Yext.

There are two ways to get started to pull data into Yext from Google Business Profile. You can either install one of Yext’s Google Business Profile Connector apps to import business data within our no-code and flexible connector framework. Or, you can create a Google Business Profile Connector yourself using the Native Connector source.

Creating a Google Business Profile Connector using the Native Connector source requires some level of familiarity with Google’s Business Information APIs and some custom work, as it allows you to build your own custom connector from scratch.

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a Google Business Profile Connector using the Native Connector source.

If you’d prefer to leverage our no-code connector framework, visit the Install Google Business Profile Connector App guide.