Step 1: Delegate an Account or Business in Apple Business Connect

To delegate an account or a business within a Business Connect account:

  1. Create an Apple Business Connect Enterprise account directly with Apple by visiting
    • For full steps to create an account, visit the Create your enterprise account in Apple Business Connect help article on the Apple Support site.
    • It can take up to 5 days for Apple to verify your account.
      • Note: For companies based outside of the US, if you can’t find your DUNS number, visit Dun & Bradstreet Global Reach to choose your country and look up or obtain your DUNS number. For further assistance with obtaining your DUNS number or verifying your account, contact Apple Support.
  2. Once the account is created and verified you will need to create businesses for the account at the country level. A new business folder is required for each country and each sub-brand that you want to have under the same Apple account. Yext will automatically add your locations to your Apple account, once the delegation process has been completed. Therefore, you don’t need to add each location individually. Apple does not accept variations in the business name, such as countries. The name must be consistent per brand across all businesses. Once the businesses are created, you should not claim your own locations. This process is done automatically by Yext, once the delegation process is complete. Claiming your own locations will prevent us from syncing locations.
    1. Click on the Businesses tab in the sidebar.
    2. Click Add in the top right corner, and click Add Business to create the relevant businesses for each country. add business process
  3. Once the businesses have been added, click on the company name in the sidebar.
  4. From the company-level page, click on the Shared tab. Then click on the Share access link. A dialog box appears. Please note, this option will not appear until after you account has been verified by Apple. Apple’s verification process may take up to 5 business days. Share access link
  5. In the dialog box that appears, you will need to enter the Yext Partner’s Company ID: 1452435188350445568.
  6. Ensure that the Business Role is set to Admin.
  7. Click on the Access drop-down, and select either All Businesses, or specify the specific businesses to delegate.
    • Note: If a new business is created after going through these steps, you will need to go through the steps again to grant access to the new business, even if All Businesses was initially selected. Share access link
  8. Click Invite to send the delegated businesses to Yext.
    • Once Yext has accepted the invite, the businesses are officially delegated to Yext as an agency in the Business Connect account.

Click Next to complete the process by adding the relevant Apple Business Connect information for each entity.