Introduction | Yext Hitchhikers Platform

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To complete this guide, you will need access to your Vendor Export on Olo. If you have not yet requested access to your Vendor Export on Olo, make sure to follow Step 1 (Request Vendor Export on Olo).

If you have already installed the Olo Menu Connector or Olo Restaurant Connector, then you can skip Step 1.


Yext has two apps that allow you to pull data from Olo into Yext Content: the Olo Menu Connector and Olo Restaurant Connector. These data connectors pull menu data and restaurant data, respectively, from a brand’s Olo account. You can then distribute this information to power accurate information across Yext products (e.g. Listings, Pages, Search).

This guide offers an overview of how to set up these connectors and automate data pulls. The first section details how to request access to Olo’s Vendor Export, a prerequisite to installing either connector. The following sections provide important information about each connector and offer specific installation instructions.